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0865 Estes Mini Mean Machine - OOP

0865 Estes Mini Mean Machine - OOP

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Have you ever wanted the old Mini Mean Machine with the WHITE Arial font Decals? Well, we have ONE left. The proceeds for this rocket (profit made after website and processing fees) will go to either our Colorado SCORE or CRASH NAR clubs!

To begin with, the Mini Mean Machine is an excellent model rocket kit for hobbyists and rocket enthusiasts alike. Moreover, it offers a scaled-down version of the popular "Mean Machine" rocket, making it a great option for those who want to experience the thrill of high-altitude rocketry without committing to a larger and more expensive model.

Here are some more details about the Mini Mean Machine:

Easy Assembly:

  • The Mini Mean Machine rocket is straightforward to assemble. Besides, the instructions are clear and easy to follow.
  • Even beginners can put this rocket together with minimal hassle.
  • All the components needed to build a functional rocket are included in the kit.

Impressive Flight Capabilities:

  • Despite its smaller size, the Mini Mean Machine can reach altitudes of over 200 feet.
  • This makes it a great option for those who want to experience high-altitude rocketry without the need for a large and expensive model.
  • The rocket's stable flight capabilities make it a joy to watch in action.  Additionally, it provides hours of entertainment for rocket enthusiasts.

Spectacular In-Flight Performance:

  • The Mini Mean Machine is just as impressive in the air as its larger counterpart, the "Mean Machine."
  • Its sleek design and high-quality components allow it to achieve stable and smooth flights, making it a joy to watch in action.
  • The rocket's in-flight performance is sure to impress anyone who witnesses it launch into the air.
Technical Specifications

Recommended Engines - A3-4T, A10-3T
Length - 39 in. (99.1 cm)
Launch System - Porta-Pad II
Diameter - 0.74 in. (19 mm)
Projected Max Altitude - 225 ft. (69 m)
Weight - 1.2 oz. (34 g)
Recovery System - 9 in. (22.9 cm) Parachute
Fin Material - Laser Cut Balsa Wood

Needed to Build (sold separately)

Scissors, pencil, ruler, fine sandpaper, carpenter's glue, plastic cement, hobby knife, masking tape, primer (white), paint (blue, white) and clear coat (optional).




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