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1994 Estes Ram Jet - Skill Level 3 - OOP

1994 Estes Ram Jet - Skill Level 3 - OOP

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1994 Estes Ram Jet
Skill Level 3
Out of Production Version

Would you believe we actually HAVE one in stock! This long sought rocket is available HERE, so pick it up if you see this!

  • Classic Ducted Jet Rocket Design
  • 12" Chute Recovery
  • Quick Release Engine Mount
  • Die-Cut Balsa Fins


Model # 1994
Skill 3
Length 15.25 in. (38.7 cm)
Diameter 1.325 in. (33.7 mm)
Weight 1.24 oz. (35 g)
12" Parachute Recovery
Decals Water Slide
Motor Mount 18mm
Recommended Motors A8-3 (First Flight), B4-4, B6-4, B8-5, or C6-5


@ModelRocketGuy can NOT warranty ANY parts outside of what you see.

Feel free to ask any questions on this model before you purchase it.  Please know... once it's gone, it's gone.

Absolutely no refunds will be given for this rocket kit.  Please consider all possibilities before you make this purchase! Happy Building!



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