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1327 Estes AstroCam 110 - OOP - Skill Level 1

1327 Estes AstroCam 110 - OOP - Skill Level 1

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1327 Estes AstroCam 110
Skill Level 1
Out Of Production

Beta Series Astrocam 110.

Please note the items packaged are all intact and ready to build! 

The Estes AstroCam 110 is a model rocket camera for amateurs. It can be loaded with one of two different rocket propellant packages, one to reach the maximum altitude of 500 ft, and the other for reaching a lower altitude. Beside a parachute for re-entry, the little rocket contains a camera for 400 ASA 110 film cartridges. The shutter release of that camera is triggered by the mechanism that pops off the nose cone to release the parachute at a high altitude. In this way, one single, random, aerial photograph is made during each flight.

Experience the thrill and excitement of taking incredible color aerial photographs from hundreds of feet in the sky. As your rocket reaches apogee and begins its descent to Earth, the ejection charge of your rocket engine trips the AstroCam 110's 1/1000th sec. shutter and "snap". This comes with a FREE 1979 Estes Catalog!
You have just taken a dramatic aerial photograph from far above. The AstroCam 110 uses high-speed Kodak Kodacolor 110 color print film, ASA 400, or equivalent. (Not Included.)

Special features include easy, quick assembly, high quality acrylic lens, molded plastic housing, glass first surface mirror, and high-performance aerodynamic design for minimum drag and maximum altitude. Simple to operate and shoots one, crisp, full color 110 photos per flight.

Delta II launch vehicle features specially designed, pre-colored plastic fin-unit for consistently smooth and stable flights. Plus white body tube, quick-release engine mount, and great looking, two-color kit decals with dual roll patterns. No painting is required! Returns to Earth via 12" dia. canopy parachute.

Ship Weight 14 oz.
Specifications - Camera with Launch Vehicle
Cat. No. 1327
Length: 19.1" (48.5 cm)
Diameter: 1.39" (35.3 mm)
Fin Span: 4.75" (12.0 cm)
Weight: 3.75 oz. (106.3 g)
(The Astro Cam 110 requires Delta II Launch Vehicle with a special stabilizing fin-unit for best photo results.

The camera and launch vehicle are not sold separately. Other launch vehicles are not recommended.) (Launch System, engines, glue, and film are not included.)

This kit is OLD. Please message me for any other information, however all I have for this is posted.

This kit is Out of Production... once it's gone, it's gone!

@ModelRocketGuy can NOT warranty ANY parts outside of what you see.

Feel free to ask any questions on this model before you purchase it.  Please know... once it's gone, it's gone.

Absolutely no refunds will be given for this rocket kit.  Please consider all possibilities before you make this purchase! Happy Building!



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