ModelRocketGuy will be a vendor at The Argonia Cup!

ModelRocketGuy will be a vendor at The Argonia Cup!

Jesse and Melody will be attending the Argonia Cup Collegiate Competition as a vendor at the Rocket Pasture close to Argonia Kansas, hosted by Kloudbusters and Tripoli Rocketry Association! 

Directions to the pasture are here!

The Kloudburst event is also happening this same weekend, March 23 and 24th, 2024 starting at 9am CDT!

We plan on taking the majority of the retail we sell at our Colorado Launches! We will also include tubes, nose cones, and many components needed for building your raw ideas! Please message us on the website main page or email us (Contact Us) if you need anything specific or have any questions on items we have. Once again, we don't sell many commercial motors! Come hang out with us! 

Competition Summary 

The goal for the 2024 Argonia Cup is to launch a two-stage rocket containing any number of golf balls as a payload in the sustainer to the highest altitude possible. The sustainer must not exceed 45,000’ AGL. Both stages of the rocket must recover safely and in flyable condition.

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