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Loudmouth Ignition Systems - Composite Motor Starters

Loudmouth Ignition Systems - Composite Motor Starters

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Loudmouth Ignition Systems (LIS)
Composite Motor Starters

Different sizes for lighting most Mid Powered and High Powered Motors. The Loudmouth Starters are actually made by Colorado's own, Conway Stevens! The formula has been tested by many Colorado Rocketeers and has proved to light nearly EVERY time!

Conway prides himself on trying to make an igniter that can light water! Even though that's a huge play on words, we want you to give these a shot and make a decision for yourself! Please review the multiple sizes per the chart and feel free to ask any questions! 

These will work in Aerotech, CTI, and Loki Research Motors!

USPS Standard Post Elidgeable, and UPS Elidgeable! IS able to ship rocket motor starters. 

As of now, DOES NOT sell motors.  One of the reasons we sell the starters is that many of our local Colorado Rocketeers NEED replacements on the field. Conway and Jesse are proud to bring you our solution to starting your flights. 

No one needs the anxiety of a rocket not taking off due to a motor not igniting! Thanks for your consideration! 

Use THESE starters for lighting your motor off the pad! 

Sizes of the starters below:



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