About @modelrocketguy

Hi once again! I am Jesse U, otherwise known as @modelrocketguy.  You'll see me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as one of the rocket hobby's main influencers.  I have also had the honor of being one of the hosts of The Rocketry Show Podcast

I started selling some items that I had from my personal collection in 2019 in order to not bully my family with tons of crap that they wouldn't know what to do with.  I then started taking some of collection to some of our launches here in Colorado, and guess what... I wound up selling a TON of it!

That lead me to start carrying stuff to nearly every launch within driving distance, and now to NOT sit on a ton of stock waiting to be sold at launches, my wife Melody and I created this website for you all to search and buy stuff as needed.

Thank very much for visiting, and if you have any questions... please reach out to us on our Contact Page!