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Coffee Mug - Northern Colorado Rocketry

Coffee Mug - Northern Colorado Rocketry

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Coffee Mug

Northern Colorado Rocketry 

If you're a Colorado Native or a former member of the Colorado Groups, chances are you have flown with Northern Colorado Rocketry or NCR! Here is a chance for you to grab a coffee mug for your morning start and represent your favorite club!

These mugs have the same logo on both sides!

If you want it different, please request a custom mug. Keep in mind, we can custom-make mugs for YOUR club. Link at the bottom of the page!

The mugs are made with high-grade sublimation-capable glassware purchased through a reputable vendor.  Each mug will be made by us here @ModelRocketGuy. 

The graphic is printed on our high-grade printer used for sublimation (heat transfer).  We then use the heat transfer stuff to move the picture to an 11oz standard coffee mug or a larger 15oz coffee mug.  Other sizes will be available in the future, including white background metal tumblers!

Special Notes and FAQ

  • We do this work ourselves and it is a manual process.
  • These mugs are already made and are READY TO SHIP
  • We DO NOT sublet this work or order from a processing warehouse. Our dirty rocket handling, sawdust-filled, epoxy-ridden hands will make this mug for you.
  • Calm down, we will wash our hands.
  • The cups ARE DISHWASHER SAFE! Or you can leave them unwashed and "seasoned" if you'd like
  • You can drink water, coffee, tea, beer, wine, or ANYTHING that goes in a cup (We were asked this... seriously... I mean... whatever you want, ya know!)
  • We are not able to do quantity discounts
  • Shipping Cost is done through the Shopify figure-outer thingy.  If you order multiple cups, the shipping cost will adjust by the weight and box calculations.
  • Please make sure to CONTACT US, if you have any questions so we can get back to you right away.
  • Unfortunately, the 11oz and 15oz white mugs are the ONLY size and color we can make. No other plans are in the works for other color mugs currently.
  • Photos will come out with a "Good" Quality render on your cup. 

Here is a little secret... we can make a mug with basically any photo that can be printed. It DOES NOT have to be just rocket stuff. If you have a design you'd like, please visit our CUSTOM MUG page to submit your design for us to create a mug for you! 



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