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Coffee Mug - The Rocketry Show / The Model Rocket Show Combo

Coffee Mug - The Rocketry Show / The Model Rocket Show Combo

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Coffee Mug

The Rocketry Show / The Model Rocket Show Combo


This is what started us on making mugs. The Rocketry Show Podcast is a show that is co-hosted by Jesse, Jim S, and CG.  After the 2019 season, Patreon members can get a coffee mug if they pledge $25 a month for three consecutive months. Some members have been pledge holders since the inception of Patreon. For those reasons, we decided to figure out how to make mugs so everyone who has pledged before can have access to the mugs. 

If you are a current Patreon member... you WILL get one of these FREE before the end of the year. Jim and CG are working on logistics and a few other things before they can get those out to members.

In the meantime, feel free to order one of these from us, as Jesse is currently one of the hosts and we have the ability to make these!

These mugs will be made with The Rocketry Show Logo on the right of the mug handle and the logo of The Model Rocketry Show on the left of the mug handle.

If you want it different, please request a custom mug. Link at the bottom of the page!

The mugs are made with high-grade sublimation-capable glassware purchased through a reputable vendor.  Each mug will be made by us here @ModelRocketGuy. 

The graphic is printed on our high-grade printer used for sublimation (heat transfer).  We then use the heat transfer stuff to move the picture to an 11oz standard coffee mug or a larger 15oz coffee mug.  Other sizes will be available in the future, including white background metal tumblers!

Special Notes and FAQ

  • We do this work ourselves and it is a manual process.
  • These mugs are already made and are READY TO SHIP
  • We DO NOT sublet this work or order from a processing warehouse. Our dirty rocket handling, sawdust-filled, epoxy-ridden hands will make this mug for you.
  • Calm down, we will wash our hands.
  • The cups ARE DISHWASHER SAFE! Or you can leave them unwashed and "seasoned" if you'd like
  • You can drink water, coffee, tea, beer, wine, or ANYTHING that goes in a cup (We were asked this... seriously... I mean... whatever you want, ya know!)
  • We are not able to do quantity discounts
  • Shipping Cost is done through the Shopify figure-outer thingy.  If you order multiple cups, the shipping cost will adjust by the weight and box calculations.
  • Please make sure to CONTACT US, if you have any questions so we can get back to you right away.
  • Unfortunately, the 11oz and 15oz white mugs are the ONLY size and color we can make. No other plans are in the works for other color mugs currently.
  • Photos will come out with a "Good" Quality render on your cup. 

Here is a little secret... we can make a mug with basically any photo that can be printed. It DOES NOT have to be just rocket stuff. If you have a design you'd like, please visit our CUSTOM MUG page to submit your design for us to create a mug for you! 



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