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FR3 - Recovery Fire Blankets / Nomex Protectors

FR3 - Recovery Fire Blankets / Nomex Protectors

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Front Range Rocket Recovery

Recovery Fire Blankets

Made in the following sizes!

5"x7" (For Chutes under 24")
8"x10" (for 24" Chutes)
10"x14" (for 36" Chutes)
16"x20" (for 48" Chutes)
20"x24" Jumbo (For large chutes and large diameter rockets)

Provides protection against parachute burn-through!

Made by Steve Riegel of the Colorado Clubs! Steve's work will help you protect yours! Support a local business by buying this for your project! 

These are made in a rectangle, to give you a better burrito wrap for your chute, lines, and part of the harness.

Reusable Fire-resistant Chute Protectors are used in place of paper recovery wadding to protect the parachute from being melted or scorched by the heat of the ejection charge.

Chute protectors are easy to use. There is a button-hole slot on one corner of the square cloth. Simply thread your shock cord through this slot. Then push the chute protector down into the body tube as far as it will go. Finally, insert the parachute and nose cone, and you're ready to launch.

When the ejection charge fires, it pushes the chute protector and the parachute out of the rocket. The chute protector will slide along the shock cord, so make sure it goes up and down freely before inserting it into the tube.

Because the chute protector is attached to the shock cord, it also stays attached to the rocket. You'll NEVER forget to put wadding into the rocket again!

These are machine washable and can be used again.  You may also clean them pretty well with a micro-fiber towel if you need to just make a quick spot wipe-down!

Front Range Rocket Recovery


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