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Launch Lab Rocketry - Bullet Bobby Rocket Kit - Skill Level 2

Launch Lab Rocketry - Bullet Bobby Rocket Kit - Skill Level 2

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@ModelRocketGuy has partnered with Launch Lab Rocketry to bring you their exclusive design! 

The Bullet Bobby! Inspired by a nostalgic 80s video game villain, this super rocket will astound you every time you launch it! What it lacks in stature, it makes up in oooomph, with spritely launches up to 450 ft on a C6-5. The perfect park flyer rocket, it’s a low-power durable dynamo with high-quality components.

What makes this kit special:

• Thick-walled body tube
• Strong custom 3D-printed nose cone
• Tough, pre-cut basswood fins
• Flame-resistant Kevlar shock cord
• Barrel snap swivel to minimize shock cord twisting
• 12” thin-mil, serged hem nylon parachute for recovery
• Self-adhesive, permanent vinyl decals
• 18 mm engine mount
• Resealable parts bag
• Full-color assembly instructions

Other supplies required (not included): Hobby knife, pencil or pen, wood glue, fine sandpaper, ruler, scissors, masking/painter’s tape, black spray paint, toothpicks/scrap balsa, launch pad, launch rod, launch controller, rocket engines, recovery wadding.

Recommended Engines: B4-2, B4-4, B6-2, B6-4 (first flight), C5-3 ,C6-3, C6-5.

Maximum Estimated Altitude: 450 ft on a C6-5, 200 ft on a B6-4.

This kit is a Skill Level 2 kit, meaning the builder should have prior experience assembling and launching flying model rockets.

This rocket is not a toy, nor is it intended for children. This rocket should not be built or launched by anyone under the age of 18 without adult supervision.

Please make sure to visit Launch Lab Rocketry for a complete line of current and VINTAGE Model Rocket Kits! Old like Jesse? Then Launch Lab may have some of the kits that you used to love when you were younger! Please make sure to check them out!

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