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10/10 Airfoil Delrin Rail Guides

10/10 Airfoil Delrin Rail Guides

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10/10 one-piece Delrin Airfoil Rail Guides!

Not just another round commodity rail button.. these are precision CNC machined from black Delrin to a true NACA airfoil shape. Currently these are only avail in Black!

This allows for easier mounting on the rail and aerodynamics are improved over the round versions.  A low profile 0.320″ (10 Series), and maybe best of all they just look FAST!

The 1010 rail buttons are designed to be used with the 1010 aluminum extrusion rails which are 1" x 1".

1010 buttons work well with large rockets weighing approx 35-45 lbs.

Depending on the rocketeer you ask, the maximum rocket weight where a 1010 rail button should be used will vary. Please check with your manufacturer or your peers for advice on what would limit you to going 15/15.

These are packaged in pairs.

Includes (2 each) Airfoiled rail button, screw (8-32 x 3/4" Socket Flat Screws)

SC Precision


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