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30" Spherachute Classic Parachute

30" Spherachute Classic Parachute

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30" (19.10" Diameter) Hemispherical Spherachute

Diameter: 19.10"

Spill Hole Diameter: 2.63"

Number of Gores/Panels: 6 

Payload: 18-31 oz. at a 5,000ft elevation

Classic shroud lines are made out of Mil-C 5040 Type IA suspension line (100lbs Load Rating) and the canopy is made of 1.9 oz. Ripstop Nylon. This style weighs 1.2 oz. and when packed by Spherachutes is 3"X3"X1". This chute has a nice balance between durability and weight, so if you want a multipurpose parachute with little limitations or aren't sure what to get, choose the Classic Spherachute.

The color on these chutes purchased through are various. If you would like to order this chute custom, please visit here!



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