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9797 Estes Majestic - PS2

9797 Estes Majestic - PS2

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9797 Estes Majestic
Pro Series 2

Looking for a model rocket that's both beautiful and functional? Look no further than the Estes Majestic rocket. This rocket features a chromed nose cone and fins that shine brilliantly on the launch pad and in the sky. But don't be fooled by its good looks - the Majestic is designed for ease of tracking, no matter how high it flies.

Measuring 35.3 inches tall with a diameter of 2 inches, the Majestic can fly to an impressive altitude of over 3,000 feet with the Pro Series II Booster. And thanks to its pre-colored body tube and molded plastic nose cone and fins, it's easy to assemble in a short amount of time. Plus, the included parachute ensures a gentle return to earth for multiple launches.

With its Beginner skill level, the Majestic is a great choice for anyone new to rocketry or looking for a quick and easy build. Don't miss out on the chance to experience the awe-inspiring sight of the Majestic launching into the sky - order your kit today!

  • SKILL LEVEL: The Majestic is a Pro Series II level rocket, great for those with extreme building and launching skills.
  • PROJECTED ALTITUDE: 2000 ft. (610 m) on a F15-8


Model # 9707
Skill 1
35.3 in. (89.7 cm)
2 in. (51 mm)
9.6 oz. (272.2 g)
18 in. (45.7 cm) Parachute
Decals Self Stick
Motor Mount 29mm
Recommended Motors E16-6, F15-6, F15-8; w/Engine Adapter (sold separately) : D12-3, E12-4



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