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BNB Rockets Khufu's Pyramid - Skill Level 2

BNB Rockets Khufu's Pyramid - Skill Level 2

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Khufu's Pyramid

Ready to take your rocketry skills to the next level?
Khufu's Pyramid is the perfect way to do it!

This odd shaped model rocket is designed to soar up to 200 feet in the sky, with a strong body that will withstand the wear and tear of flights . Plus, its 1/4 inch launch lug ensures added stability and safety for every flight. And with easy-to-follow instructions and helpful graphics, even first-timers can get their rocket off the ground in no time. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for an unforgettable experience that will turn the heads of family, friends and fellow rocketeers with Khufu's Pyramid!

  • Simple build, with skill level 2
  • A 6.5 Inch tall balsa body with added bulkheads for strength.
  • No parachute or streamer needs built, simple and safe tumble recovery.
  • Heavy build plywood motor mount ring with 24 inch shock cord for safe motor mount ejections.
  • Easy release metal motor retainer clip.
  • Flights on large "D" motors.

The Advantages Plywood Centering Ring Baffles 

Model rocket enthusiasts know the importance of engineered motor mounts and fins for optimal stability. Plywood motor mount rings can drastically improve model rocket stability and performance. In particular, these engineered rings offer improved rigidity, more consistent lift-off patterns, and no chance of breaking or bending like some kit manufacturers produce.


Total length: 6.5in / 15cm
Diameter 5.5 in / 14 cm
Mass with no motor ~ 3.5 oz / 100 grams
Max estimated apogee on 24mm motor (D12-3) 200ft 

Made in the USA!

BNB Rockets


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