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EB-256LTE - 2.56" LOC Precision Electronic Bay Assembly

EB-256LTE - 2.56" LOC Precision Electronic Bay Assembly

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2.56" LOC Precision Electronic Bay Assembly
For Cardboard 2.6" Rocket Kits

Easy to assemble, strong, and durable. Add a model rocket electronics bay to your kit for dual deployment. This creates a safe place to securely mount an altimeter for flight telemetry & recording! 

The LOC Precision 2.56" Electronics Bay Assembly is made for most 2.6" Diameter Rocket Kits that have a payload bay that has enough room for main size parachute.  The package comes with a full coupler, 1" wide switch band, two All-Thread, sled with mounts, and two bulkhead endcaps with steps & hardware!

In most cases, this bay will work with the same diameter rocket kits with the same size body tubes. This includes North Coast Rocketry Kits, Aerotech Kits, Madcow Kits, and other 2.6" diameter cardboard kits.  THIS WILL NOT WORK ON Estes, Dyna-Star, and Apogee BT-80 kits as the inner diameter of those kits is different. 

You should be able to include your electronics, wiring, charge well, and component mounts. 

You will note the charges for this package are a bit more expensive than for larger sizes.  That is due to the different components used to complete this kit/assembly.  It's not a mistake! Consider using this for multiple rockets by not using or finishing the switch band!

Feel free to ask us any questions on this.  If we don't know the answer, we will help find you the proper resources!

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