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EB-300 - 3.1" LOC Precision Electronic Bay Assembly

EB-300 - 3.1" LOC Precision Electronic Bay Assembly

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3.1" LOC Precision Standard Electronic Bay Assembly

Easy to assemble, strong, and durable. Add a model rocket electronics bay to your kit for dual deployment. This creates a safe place to securely mount altimeters for flight telemetry & recording! 

The LOC Precision 3.1" Standard Electronics Bay Assembly (EB-300) is made for most 3.1" Diameter Rocket Kits that have a payload bay that has enough room for main size parachute.  The package comes with an 8" long coupler, Stiffy Tube, 1" wide switch band, two All Thread, wood laser-cut sled with mounts, and two bulkhead endcaps with hardware! In most cases, this bay will work with Madcow, Binder Design, and other 3.1" (mostly larger) dia rocket kit bodies.

This entire assembly as it sits, weighs 16 oz. This is good if you have a payload bay 15" or longer, and if you need the forward weight. This is a great addition to make a Sky Fieri a Dual Deploy capable rocket!

This WILL NOT work with Bad Boy Rocketry, Estes 3", Apogee 3", or BMS School Rocket-sized bodies.  Those are not the same-sized Body Tubes.  Please make sure to email us if you have any questions.

You'll be able to include your electronics, wiring, charge wells, and component mounts.  This is a full sled, which gives you tons of room for dual-deployment electronics and even GPS tracker mounts if you're creative enough!

This kit and hardware are compatible with the SDR 3D Printed AV Bay Sled - for 3.1" LOC and similar rockets!  You can purchase that here!

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