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Launch Lab Rocketry 38mm Molded Motor Retainer

Launch Lab Rocketry 38mm Molded Motor Retainer

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Launch Lab Rocketry / Vander Burn

38 mm Injection-Molded Polycarbonate Screw-On Plastic Motor Retainer (Gray or Blue)

Finally, an affordable, strong 38 mm motor retainer solution! Injection-molded polycarbonate means this will handle the heat and has the durability to last. Stronger than 3D printed retainers, and more affordable than aluminum.

Each retainer consists of a precision-threaded inner collar and outer retainer ring. Universal fit for all 38 mm motor mount tubes we’ve tried, from all major manufacturers (LOC, Madcow, Composite Warehouse, ASP, BMS, etc). Epoxy will can any slight gap during installation.

Ensure you leave 3/4" of the motor mount protruding from the aft of the rocket to mount properly. The retainer weighs about 1.3 oz or 37 g. Retainer cap dimensions are 61 mm outside diameter x 23.5 mm high.

Included Components and notes:

One (1) 38 mm molded plastic motor retainer. This is for ONE retainer. Order multiples if you need them.

Launch Lab Rocketry


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