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LOC Precision 1.6" Dia LaserLOC 163

LOC Precision 1.6" Dia LaserLOC 163

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LOC Precision has been around for over 25 years!

The LaserLOC series was one of the first production minimum diameter kits available to the public. Keeping the tradition going we have a few modern-day tweaks that will put your skills to the test. A gentle laser-etch around the slots allows for easier glassine removal. Multi-slot airframe allows the fins to click into the booster. Precut 4oz fiberglass cloth can be easily epoxied from fin-airframe-fin. This reinforcement will give your LaserLOC the strength for today's higher-impulse motors. Fiberglass should be applied with a long-cure epoxy for best results. If you have never glassed anything before, here's your chance! The booster is a zipperless design. 1/4" Launch lugs included. Fly-away rail guides or conformal rail guides are other alternatives.

Strong enough for supersonic flights. Light enough on your wallet to fly an E motor!!!


Using a high-build primer apply 2-3 coats. sand with 400 until spirals are filled. Paint as desired or follow below.

Createx Paint.  Follow manufacturer's recommendations for applications.

To achieve OEM color(s) the following paint was used and their respective ratios.

6002                    Sealer Black
4258                    Gloss Black
4004                    Quick Silver. 1 lite coat, 2 moderate coats (do not overcoat!)
4030/4661          Balancing Clear and Candy Emerald (until desired density)

Lightly sand with 1000 grit to knock down any overspray before applying decals.  Clear as desired after decal application.


LaserLOC163 Rocksim

Laser LOC 163 Instructions




Complexity: Expert
Diameter: 1.6″
Height: 42.5
Weight: 13oz.
Motor Mount: 38mm minimum diameter - MMA-2 29mm adaptor included
Parachute Size: 21″ Ripstop Nylon
Shock Cord Type:  TN-316-12 12' 3/16" Tubular Nylon with sewn loops
Shock Cord Mount: SCM-3
Fin Thickness: 1/8″
Ring Thickness: none-minimum diameter
Starter Recovery Blanket
Full Decals
Precision cut Fiberglass fin can reinforcement cloth
Instructions: Yes

This rocket can also be drop-shipped directly from LOC Precision if you want to purchase it for a gift or if we are out of stock!

Note for CO Residents! We can deliver these rocket kits to most launches for CRASH, SCORE, Tripoli Hartsel, COSROCS, and NCR. Please select the method for delivery during checkout!

Email us for other methods if you're having items delivered outside of the continental US!

LOC Precision


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