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LOC Precision 2.2" Dia IRIS (Performance Series)

LOC Precision 2.2" Dia IRIS (Performance Series)

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ALL LOC Precision kits include laser-cut fins, rings, slotted air-frames, and polypropylene nosecones.

One of the ADVANCED SERIES of kits, which feature factory pre-slotted airframe and through-the-wall fin construction, the IRIS is our sport scale version of the famous IRIS rocket. Weighing in at 22 oz. and a height of 43" it features a 24" slotted booster, a 10" payload section for possible dual deployment, a 28" Rip-Stop Nylon Parachute, Fire blanket, Kevlar Shock Cord, and a vinyl decal.


Complexity: 38MM  Advanced
Height: 43″
Weight: 23oz
Motor Mount: 38MM (Performance Series)
Parachute Size: 
28″ Ripstop Nylon (Performance Series)
Shock Cord Type: 
12′ 3/16" Tubular Nylon (Performance Series) 
Shock Cord Mount: 
Eye Bolt SCM1
Fin Thickness: 
Ring Thickness: 
1/4″(Performance Series)
Vinyl Decal: Yes


With a 38mmt this is our performance version of the kit which includes Nylon recovery and loops sewn in. Quick links and eye bolts for secure recovery connections. Also ready to accept the new 3″ Terrier Booster.

LOC Precision


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