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LOC Precision 3.1" Dia 29SS

LOC Precision 3.1" Dia 29SS

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The 4-29SS is an experimenter’s dream come true. Its unique, removable fin assembly construction was originally designed to fit into the overhead compartment of most commercial aircraft (although times have changed and this may be difficult to do today!) The 4-29SS is a unique 4x29mm motor cluster whose fins attach into the valleys of the motor mount tubes which extend beyond the main airframe. It can take to the skies on 2-G or 4-F motor combinations to altitudes over 2000 ft. and stands over 5′ tall. Parachute Recovery!

All LOC Precision “PK-XX” kits include heavy duty airframe and motor mount tubes, high-grade precision-cut plywood fins, centering rings, rip-stop nylon parachute or streamer, nylon elastic shock cord and mount, launch lug, polyethylene nose cones and instructions.


This 4-29SS kit does not contain a decal! 

LOC Precision


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