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LOC Precision 3.1" Dia Terrier Booster

LOC Precision 3.1" Dia Terrier Booster

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An add-on component for a 2-stage flight! 3" in diameter, 24" long airframe with a specially cut AR-3.00-2.14 on top and a 38mm motor tube.  Comes with a 28" parachute and NW-12 for its own recovery.

Designed to work with the following Performance kits:

38mm 2.2" Sandhawk
38mm 2.2" BBX
38mm 2.2" Yank IRIS
38mm 2.2" IQSY Tomahawk
38mm 2.2" Zeus

You can choose to attach permanently or allow drag separation for 2 stage flight.

(Will NOT work with 2.26"x29mm kits. NOT recommended for individual flights.)


Complexity: Intermediate
Height: 27″
Weight: 24oz
Motor Mount: 38MM
Parachute Size: 
28" ripstop nylon
Shock Cord Type: 
3/8 Nylon webbing
Shock Cord Mount: 
Eye Bolt SCM2
Fin Thickness: 
Ring Thickness: 


Please Note: Some of these kits may be shipped directly by LOC Precision. They may come in different shipments depending on On-Hand quantities of other items ordered.  You will get tracking information separately if that is the case.  Please feel free to email us at for any questions on our stock! Many thanks!

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