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LOC Precision - 3.9" Tube Coupler Stiffener

LOC Precision - 3.9" Tube Coupler Stiffener

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3.9" Tube Coupler Stiffener

"Stiffy" heavy-duty tube coupler stiffeners feature a deep spiral groove for maximum epoxy adhesion. These super heavy-duty wall stiffeners are designed to be epoxied inside of standard tube couplers to greatly increase lateral strength. Snapping off a payload at the joint under high-speed stress (as occurs when flying at or near Mach speeds) is not a worry when you fly with a Stiffy.

NOTE: Stiffys are not compatible with phenolic couplers. 

These will fit any normal 8" Long Coupler from LOC Precision. They won't fit MadCow, Binder Design, Apogee, or SBR couplers. 

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