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LOC Precision 4" Dia Mystic Buzz

LOC Precision 4" Dia Mystic Buzz

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From the Yank Enterprises archives.....the previous 3" Mystic Buzz (re-named the Athena) produced a whistle on deceleration like no other! We have LOC'd it and here it is in a larger 4" diameter! Includes vinyl logo and 1010 series rail guides.

One of the ADVANCED SERIES of kits, which include factory pre-slotted airframe and through-the-wall fin construction. Add the options for the Buzz with an E-Bay which includes an electronic "Multi Stage Deployment" kit.  The Buzz sports a 54mm motor mount that will accept a number of different composite motors.

This is certainly a versatile rocket! All hardware is included for a safe recovery, eye bolts, quick links, and sewn ends on the tubular nylon. 50" nylon parachute recovery.

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All LOC/PRECISION "PK-XX, YXXX" kits include heavy-duty airframe and motor mount tubes, high-grade precision-cut plywood fins, centering rings, rip-stop nylon parachute or streamer, nylon elastic shock cord and mount, launch lug, polypropylene nose cones, and instructions.

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