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LOC Precision Decal Set LOC IV

LOC Precision Decal Set LOC IV

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LOC Precision offers vinyl decals that are professionally manufactured using the industry’s most advanced print head technology, integrated print/cut capabilities, superior media handling, and print speed.

They use environmentally safer ECOSOL inks in CMYK mode which add impact to the graphics for attention-grabbing results that everyone will enjoy. The graphics are printed on premium cast vinyl, which is a super conformable vinyl with an advanced adhesive technology, that allows it to be a permanent graphic installation. This results in a high-quality image, with high impact and saturation.

The resulting graphics have a gloss finish and excellent white points. Best of all, these graphics are available at about half the price quoted to us from Vinyl Print Shops.

See Jesse's completed LOC IV in the photo, with these decals used! Special Thanks to Mark from StickerShock23, who we also use as a vendor for this print!

LOC Precision


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