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LOC Precision LOC 1 Series - LOC 1

LOC Precision LOC 1 Series - LOC 1

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A take on the famous Level 1 Cert Kit favorite, the LOC IV, the LOC 1 is the Mini-Me. A great starter rocket for the kids!

LOC-I series kits are perfect for the first rocket kit! They were designed for the classroom environment and have a pre-slotted airframe that's 2x the thickness of others. Kevlar shock cord and laser-cut birch fins add to the durability and strength. An engine hook is included for 18mm motors ranging from A-D impulse.

Comes with vinyl decals!


Complexity: Entry Level
Diameter: 1”
Height: 12”
Weight: 1.2oz
Motor Mount: 18mm
Parachute Size: Streamer
Shock Cord Type: 4’ Kevlar
Fin Thickness: 1/16” Birch
Ring Thickness: ¼” Fiber


LOC 1 Rocksim File

LOC Precision


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