MMC-1x29 - 29mm Modular Morot Can (MMC) - LOC Precision

MMC-1x29 - 29mm Modular Morot Can (MMC) - LOC Precision

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MMC includes a coupler tube, 2 coupler centering rings, 1 screw eye, 2' kevlar shock cord mount, and an appropriate motor tube for the size selected!


Modular Motor Cans are designed to pop in and out to allow you to fly any motor configuration available.  From 4x18mm to 38mm for those who crave high power, this system will allow you to tailor your flight for any condition! Include 2 removable rivets to secure the can in the rocket.  The laser holes are in the exact same location on all kits of the same diameter.  Allowing you to exchange cans between different kits! All cans are cross-compatible for the same diameter.

  • 1x29mm: 1x29mm version for E-G powered flights! For MMC ready 2.6″ kits!


LOC Precision


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