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Public Missiles LTD 2.6" Dia SWR-300

Public Missiles LTD 2.6" Dia SWR-300

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Designed for an experiment, available for excitement! After a call from the scientists at Skinwalker Ranch for a specific design, we introduce the SWR-300. Commemorating the third season of the show on the History Channel. The 2.6" SWR-300 is a perfect kit for Level 1 with the versatility to fly G through I motors. Now available for the hobby!


Diameter: 2.6"
Height: 48"
MMT: 38mm

Parachute: 36"
Payload: 13"

Fin Array: 4
Fin Thickness: 0.125" birch plywood

• Pre-slotted Phenolic airframe
• Nylon parachute
• Plastic nosecone
• 38mm motor mount
• Piston ejection system
• Birch plywood fins
• 1000 Series Rail Guides

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This rocket can also be drop-shipped directly from LOC Precision if you want to purchase it for a gift or if we are out of stock!

Note for CO Residents! We can deliver these rocket kits to most launches for CRASH, SCORE, Tripoli Hartsel, COSROCS, and NCR. Please select the method for delivery during checkout!

Email us for other methods if you're having items delivered outside of the continental US!

Public Missiles LTD


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