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Public Missiles LTD 4" Dia Striker

Public Missiles LTD 4" Dia Striker

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The STRIKER is a mean-looking kit for Level 1 and 2 flights. This rocket stands 36.5" tall, is 3.9" in diameter, and has a 4-fin design. This rocket comes standard with a 38mm motor mount and can fly on H thru J motors. At approx 52 oz, the 36" parachute is sized right for the stock kit to make a safe landing under most field conditions. This kit comes standard with rail guides for use with 10/10 launch rails. 

It is prudent to sim your kit/motor combination using the actual weight of your finished model to determine max velocity, altitude, ejection delay, etc. This will allow you to make an informed decision when selecting a suitable motor for your rocket. Please consult with a NAR or Tripoli-certified member to ensure your flights are fun and safe.

Striker is similar in styling to some of the most advanced and devastating weapons on the modern battlefield. It'll sure to be a stunner at any launch!

To use 29mm motors in a 38mm mount, purchase the optional HAMR 38mm retainer and HAMR 38 to 29mm adapter.

• Pre-slotted phenolic airframe
• 36" Rip-Stop Nylon parachute
• Plastic nosecone
• 38mm motor mount
• Kevlar tether with sewn loop
• G-10 fins
• Rail guides for 10/10 launch rails
• Decal

PML General Kit Instructions

Striker Nose Cone Build Instructions

Striker Rocksim

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