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SC Precision Aluminum Thrust Plate - 6" Dia x 75mm

SC Precision Aluminum Thrust Plate - 6" Dia x 75mm

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Sale Sold out is honored and privileged to carry SC Precision Thrust Plates for your rocketry needs! 

This retainer will fit most 6" Composite Warehouse Airframes with a 75mm Motor Mount! 

Click here to view the 6" Composite Warehouse 75mm Kits 

These are 6061 Aluminum, bright anodized red for durability and ease of cleaning.  Simply slip into your airframe and allow ALL thrust loading to be transferred directly to the end of the airframe tubing.  This eliminates shear-loaded joints, and these can be removed and replaced to reconfigure your motor arrangement.

Drilled and threaded to accept the Aeropack line of Flanged Motor Retainers making it a simple process to mount this retainer system.  No need to try to drill and line up 12 holes and inserts in plywood anymore!

The photo above shows how these will transfer the load from the retention to the body of the airframe! 

Do you need these for flights? NO. However, keep in mind that using these will make your retention modular from rocket to rocket. Set your bottom Centering Ring to accept the thrust plate with T-nuts with the appropriate screw size and then move the entire plate and retainer assembly from rocket to rocket of the same body diameter and motor mount size! That's how we do it, and it's been a great success

We recommend creating a solution for your sim program by including the thrust plate as a lower CR and adjusting the weight for both the plate and retainer. This COULD set your CP and CG back a little, so please take those into consideration when using SIMs for your rocket flight!

Aesticially, the retainers offer a GREAT LOOK, ease of movement, and secure retention if mounted correctly! 

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