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SDR 3D Printed AV Bay Sled - for 3.1" LOC Light Electronics Bay

SDR 3D Printed AV Bay Sled - for 3.1" LOC Light Electronics Bay

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We are pleased to bring you products from SkyDancer Rocketry (SDR)!

This is an Electronics Bay / Avionics Bay sled for LOC and similar 3.1" Rocket kits! The sled is designed to fit within the confinements of the space provided internally of a 6" long coupler for 3.0" rocket kits. 

This sled will accommodate 2 Pull Pin Switches from Lab Rat Rocketry (available here) OR the Fingertech Mini Switches.  Please make sure you choose which option you want when you order! 

These sleds also can be used with 2  300mah 2s LiPo batteries, and two Altimeter Carriers. This particular setup INCLUDES two endcap bulkheads for the coupler! See included photos!

Wiring, solder, and other tools are not included.

This sled has screws designed for holding multiple carriers for the following Altimeters.

Eggtimer Quantum
Eggtimer Quark
MissileWorks RRC2+ / RRC2L
PerfectFlight StratoLoggerCF

MissileWorks RRC3 is NOT available for this specific sled as it's too long.  Please take a look at the other sled options for your 3" Kit! 

These are also made to use the famed robotics FingerTech Mini Power Switch. (Not Included)

Please Note: 

Bulkhead adjustment will be needed for these to mount with LOC and other brands. We recommend using epoxy to fill the holes on your bulkheads that aren't used and drilling new holes as needed to accommodate your all-thread. The all-thread mounts may also need to be drilled out carefully to fit.

The battery mount is made to mount any LiPo battery that is smaller than 47x17x15mm.  They were designed around the 300mah 2s batteries from Turnigy Manotech, Tattu, or Lumenier.  There is no 9V design currently for these products.

One More Note: 
The color of the sleds, carriers, and charge wells may vary and are not yet available by choice.  The screws provided will require a HEX 1.5mm driver.  The Fingertech Switches will require a HEX 3/32 driver.

SDR Avionics Bay components and electronics sleds are designed and built by Terry Dancer, an actual rocketeer. Terry and many others have used these components on numerous occasions and flights with great success. These flights have tested the reliability, strength, and function in flights close to Mach 3 and altitudes of 32k ft AGL. Whether your flight is low and slow or fast and high, the SDR sleds have something for anyone's needs.

The sleds are made of PLA+ filament.  They come with different options for altimeters by an included carrier which you can choose for several companies, such as Egg Timer and Missile Works.  They also include 3D-printed charge wells, so you can put them on your bulkhead for deployment.  Please see the choices available for each one of the sleds listed.

All SDR products carry a lifetime warranty against breakage during normal use, this does not include damage from crashes or misuse including melting from improper storage. SDR will replace any item that is damaged at its discretion! For warranty claims, please contact us by emailing

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