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Spherachute Small Apex Drogue Parachute

Spherachute Small Apex Drogue Parachute

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Spherachute Small Apex Drogue Parachute

Cd Rate: 0.61

For use with 60" (38.12" Diameter) to 72" (45.84" Diameter) hemispherical Spherachutes. The Small Apex Drogue weighs 1.2 oz and when packaged by Spherachutes is 2"X2"X1.75".

The Apex Drogue's design increases the its drag as the speed increases. The concept is similar to a ballute parachute, which are utilized in underwater applications. The Apex has a small mouth for the air to enter which makes it nearly impossible for inversion. The drogue has three lines to minimize tangling. Each shroud line is secured to the drogue using the butterfly technique. This type of connection can withstand great amounts of force.  The line is rated at 440lbs breaking strength. We offer a free replacement on these drogues.

The color on these chutes purchased through are various. If you would like to order this chute custom, please visit here!



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