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Star Orbiter Plywood Upgrade - Vanderburn

Star Orbiter Plywood Upgrade - Vanderburn

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Upgrade your Estes Star Orbiter to the max with our high-quality, durable laser-cut plywood components! Let your rocket take on bigger impulse engines, as the plywood components can handle much more strenuous forces than the stock balsa and cardboard components can.

Vander-Burn model rocketry components are made for experienced modelers who are comfortable modifying their own rockets beyond supplied instructions. As with any modifications from the original manufacturers’ design, you may need to add nose weight to re-balance the rocket, and any potential modifications should be completed in simulation software or properly tested before building and launching.

Included Components and notes:

Three (3) 1/8" thick Baltic Birch Plywood through-the-wall fins to fit Estes Star Orbiter kit #9716.

Three (3) 1/8" thick Baltic Birch Plywood 29 mm to BT60 centering rings (fits the stock kit with 29 mm motor mount, one ring is notched)

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