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Wildman Rocketry 2.2" Dia Fiberglass Interceptor AAD-54

Wildman Rocketry 2.2" Dia Fiberglass Interceptor AAD-54

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Product Description

The Interceptor AAD-54 is a perfect addition to the Wildman Sport Series! 

The kit includes:

  • 21.9" x 54mm thin wall, light weight booster
  • Light weight high heat resistant nosecone
  • 38mm fiberglass motor mount
  • 3/32" precision cut fins
  • Fiberglass centering rings 

Nylon Shock Cord Cardboard Fin Guides Hardware Pack (10-24 Eyebolt (3), 10-24 Nut (3), #10 Washer (3), 8-32x7 Threaded Rod (2), 8-32 Nut (6), #8 Washer (6), Rivet (2), Rail Buttons and screws (2))

This is an unpainted rocket. The tubing included in this kit is semi-transparent red and has a black nose cone. Painting is up to the builder. Decals are NOT included.

This Wildman Rocketry kit includes only the fiberglass components to complete your rocket and does not have instructions.  You will need to add rail buttons, hardware, and recovery components.

Wildman Rocket Kits sold by @ModelRocketGuy may be drop shipped directly from Wildman. Depending on their stock, shipping times may take more than average as some of these products may be awaiting other parts or time through the manufacturing process. 

If this is on hand, this will be available locally at any of the Events @ModelRocketGuy attends and the price will reflect retail without shipping! Please email for information related to this rocket or any Wildman Product! Happy Flying!

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