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Wildman Rocketry 4" Dia Fiberglass Punisher 4

Wildman Rocketry 4" Dia Fiberglass Punisher 4

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The 4" diameter all-fiberglass Punisher includes a 75mm motor mount and can reach over 4 miles in altitude.


  • 48" CNC-slotted filament wound fiberglass airframe
  • 75mm fiberglass motor mount
  • filament wound fiberglass nose cone
  • 3/16 g10 CNC cut and beveled fins
  • Fiberglass centering rings
  • Wildman Head End Deployment with avionics bay, switch/vent band, and one-piece stepped bulk plates
  • This rocket NOW comes with the 4 1/2 Ogive LONG nose cone to help with HED!

This rocket does not come with a payload and is set up for Head-End deployment. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is an unpainted rocket. The tubing included in this kit is semi-transparent red and has a black nose cone. In order to finish the rocket like the one in the photo, you will need to add a painted finish. 

This Wildman Rocketry kit includes only the fiberglass components to complete your rocket and does not have instructions.  You will need to add rail buttons, hardware, and recovery components.

Wildman Rocketry


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